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i5 8600k & i7 8700k current prices.


I'm planning a new pc build in the near future (1-2 weeks or in a couple months) and I was wondering if the current i5 8600k & 8700k prices are the typical prices, or if they have really been discounted for the time being, and are going to go up as soon as these sales end.


i7 8700k - $340

i5 - 8600k - $240


If they are going up I was going to try and decide which one I want tonight, and go ahead and buy it for later.


I'm planning a new pc build because I've had my current PC since early 2012, and it's using an old 1155 board which is lacking in modern ports (type c, usb 3.0,3.1, etc), as well as being restricted to 8gb of ram.


I'm not a heavy PC gamer, I just play Guild Wars 2 mostly, I'm going with intel because it's preferable for Gw2 from what I hear. (bottlenecked by single thread performance)

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12 minutes ago, Firewrath9 said:

8600k is ususally around 250$ now, but it used to be 220,225.

Thank you, if it's only a $10 increase I think I can live with that. Unless it starts going up again like it went up from 220-225, I'm kind of felling the pressure, lol.

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