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Mouse & Keyboard Hz causes Audio Glitches and desktop lag?

Recently I have been getting audio glitches and overall lag when moving my mouse in any game, app, browser or basically anywhere on my desktop. This has suddenly started happening and have no idea as to why. I can fix this by switching my mouse from 1000Hz to 500Hz, but after a while, the same symptoms will occur which can then again be fixed for a period of time by changing the Hz again.

The same thing has started happening with my keyboard. When pressing keys I get audio glitches and overall lag, it's fixed for a period of time by changing the Hz.

My mouse is: Corsair M65 Pro

My keyboard is: Corsair K70 Lux


From what I can tell, all of my drivers are up to date. Including my mouse, keyboard and iCUE client.

I did buy my mouse and keyboard certified refurbished but this is the first time I am having any issues with them.


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