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Z97P-D3 Onboard Sound Not working


The problem in a nutshell, I installed every possible driver ever released for this, it's either not working at all, not Properly or it doesn't work and does not install the manager. 


Whatever I tried the Rear Panel output is aside from the Digital output missing from the Device Manager, the Onboard soundcard itself is recognized. 

And here comes the most odd part of them all, Front panel is nonexisting as well, but hey it gets's even stranger, when I Disable the Front Panel in the Manager, suddenly the Front output pops up and is set recnognized as plugged in, no devices are plugged into it and even if I plug one in no sound is coming or going into them. 


https://gyazo.com/e7c39f5d89674d427fa93c574cf310d5 - Front Panel Activated

https://gyazo.com/e4ca2adb3d30d510f2774dc4f4311c11 - Front Panel Disabled

https://gyazo.com/7dae7d476b6ec0c09dc3e78a058c9ccc - Advanced Settings 


https://gyazo.com/d6e534829064dc3f8b9c6975e6e15c22 - Device Manager


No matter what I tried, Front and Rare panel does not exist, no inputs plugged in are Recognized or anything, I am pretty much out of ideas here.



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