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I need a LTN184HT01-S01 Controller Board Kit


Hello everyone.


I recently disassembled a 2008 Sony Vaio laptop in the hopes of making a portable monitor out of the LCD panel.  The panel was made by Samsung, and the model number is LTN184HT01-S01.  It's a 2 lamp panel.  It measures 9-3/4" tall by 16-5/8" wide.  It measures approximately 19-3/16" diagonally.  I've having a super hard time trying to find a controller board kit for this panel.  I've tried several sellers on eBay, but so far they have all told me they don't have a kit that will work for me.  


I need the kit to have HDMI input, a headphone jack for audio out, and it needs to handle a display resolution of 1920x1080.  Does anyone know of a seller (eBay or otherwise) that could source this kit for me?


Thanks in advance for any help.  Cheers.

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