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Wake on LAN Not Working

Hi there! This is my first post on the LTT forum, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge of the forum.


Recently, I have taken an interest in being able to remote into my computer from my phone or laptop from anywhere to access files or use the desktop environment. At first, I used Windows Remote Desktop, which worked fine, but accessing it outside of my LAN would mean opening a port that is quite insecure. For this reason, I switched to TeamViewer, which should work fine for my uses.

My PC isn't the most powerful computer (see the spoiler for some specs), but it will pull upwards of 200-300 watts at times, which can be a lot to run 24/7. So, I wanted to be able to start my PC remotely. At first, I thought about doing this externally by just hooking something into my physical power pins on my motherboard, but then I found out about Wake on Lan. I decided that this would be a good idea, and TeamViewer has some other support for Waking outside of your LAN, so I decided this was what I was going to do.

I started with setting up windows, and this was not difficult in the slightest. Then, I switched into my BIOS. This was when things started to become difficult. I found multiple options that sounded like they would support this, but none seemed to work. I sent multiple requests from my phone to start my PC, and I had no luck.

I am aware that it might not be supported on my motherboard, but seeing as I am running the latest bios, I would expect something like Wake on Lan to be there. I'm running a Biostar TA970, with the latest bios from Biostar flashed (97XAD807.BSS). 


Here are some barebone specs of my PC:


Motherboard - Biostar TA970

CPU - AMD FX-6300

GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

RAM - HyperX Fury Blue, 4x4GB Configuration


Any help would be much appreciated!


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Did you initially set up WOL on teamviewer on the target machine before you enabled it in BIOS?


You need to set the WOL feature on the public address.


"either a fixed, static IP through your Internet provider or if your router has a public domain address with the help of a dynamic DNS provider."

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It could possibly be that the packet isn't reaching your PC at all. Maybe connect 2 PC's with Ethernet (no switches or routers in between) and try WoL then. If that works you should look at your network hardware. 

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