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  1. I'm talking knowing that. I'm talking about making UPSs redundant by making every pc able to soft shutdown on blackout without needing a UPS. I don't know why this concept is so hard for all of you
  2. I'm talking about a non-interactive shutdown to soften the blow from an instant power disconnect, no your typical "save your work and shut down" shutdown
  3. Honestly, I dont know. We closed state and international borders, asked people to maintain distance and quarantine if needed. At one point we went on a testing blitz and found a bunch of cases. The past few weeks we've been keeping the measures in place while gradually rolling back changes.
  4. I feel like the modern UPS is a bit overkill for the kind of thing I'm talking about though. They are bulky mainly because they power so many bits. I'm talking more to having the ability to soft shutdown the PC in the event of a power outage so it would only be powering the tower and not the screen or whatever other kind of stuff you'd normally daisy chain off of a UPS
  5. To be safe, I'd backup everything if I could but especially any personal files. I have my My Docs, Videos, Pics, etc. on a drive separate from my windows install so I make sure that at a minimum that drive is backed up
  6. With battery technology getting better and better, and with the laptop market already doing this, why aren't PSU manufacturers building in some kind of battery backup for desktop PCs? I'm not talking some multi-hour deal, but something with just enough grunt to give your PC 5 minutes to shut down should be enough, right? It wouldn't even need to power the peripherals or the monitor as you could bake in a shutdown sequence, like with UPSs, to put the PC in a hibernation state. I dunno, just an idea that's been bouncing around my head (might be a good topic for an ltt or
  7. I live in South Australia, we've currently got 0 active cases and things are starting to return to normal. Australia as a whole is not out of the woods because we're still getting cases springing up in Victoria, but we can see an end. I think it'll just be a matter of time, whether its due to some kind of treatment or vaccine being made or possibly just quarantining, but things will go back to normal eventually. We'll probably take some lessons going forward though, like wearing a mask when sick to prevent others catching it would be a good one for everyone to do.
  8. to be honest, I reckon employees would just appreciate more casual events where they can talk without the ogre of management hanging over their shoulders. I'd recommend shared lunches, like a pizza lunch or something
  9. It happened out of the blue. No vibration from the pump and tubes though. Might have to call it on this cooler and look at a new one
  10. So I turned on my PC this Arvo and the fans were spinning a bit heavy. I didn't think there was any big deal but opened hwmonitor to see that my CPU was cooking off at around 100 degrees (Celsius). I shut it down and had a look and I get lights and everything so from an outside look it should be running fine. Is it safe to assume that the pump may have seized? There were air bubble noises when it first turned on.
  11. what wireless standard can your router do? Might be a better move to either try and roll out ethernet or look into deploying a mesh network. Heck, ethernet over power could also help maybe
  12. does the same thing happen when you boot into safe mode? Might be a driver conflict
  13. Any of you guys do any fitness? I've recently gotten into powerlifting after a long while doing sessions with a PT. Early next month I'm doing a deadlift only comp at a brewery so I get to lift and drink in the same location! So yeah, any of you guys getting gainz?
  14. http://www.wolcenter.com/faq.php could provide some insight. Wake on Lan uses udb broadcasts which may be blocked by intermediary equipment. Also they say that it won't work over wireless (not sure whether teamcenter has a way around that)
  15. It could possibly be that the packet isn't reaching your PC at all. Maybe connect 2 PC's with Ethernet (no switches or routers in between) and try WoL then. If that works you should look at your network hardware.