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Motherboard swapping problem


Hi I'm trying to swap motherboards in two cases. Basically from amd to intel..Ones a standard lenvo k450 i5 4460 (w/ gtx1050 8g ram), the other a cooler master with m5a78l-m lx plus with a fx6100(w/ rx480 16g ram)(also swapping ram and graphics card).. I've successfully swapped the leenvo into the cooler master and booted it and runs fine.(i5 4460 rx480 16g ram)(besides some audio connection issue, but audio still works and games run fine). So now though my problem is, when I install the m5a78l into the lenovo (now w/ Gtx 1050 8g ram) it doesnt post.(green light on motherboard)( I am having front panel connection issues but i do believe because of non-standard) But even when I try to jump it with a screw driver; the cpu and exhaust fan spins for a second then stops. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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