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Driver Crashing, NVIDIA GPU

So basically I have a GPU (GT 730 from ZOTAC) [2GB, GDDR5] which suffers frequent driver crashes even on the desktop, and the strange thing is that the driver crashes only on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (not on windows 10). Initially, I overclocked it a little, but now I have stopped doing that, but the problem still persists.

The GPU runs on 2506MHz Memory clock rather than 5000, the most probable reason being the PCIe 16x slot of my PC. (Gen 2; old PC; used)

After thorough checking and testing, I came to the conclusion that the GPU doesn't run hot, nor does its memory become full (at least on the desktop)

Oh yeah, by saying "it doesn't crash on windows 10", I meant that its frequency of crashing is really low, only when its really doing something. And that makes sense, but its a different story for Win7, 8, 8.1. It crashes even on opening Chrome tabs, file explorer windows, applications, Youtube, casual games (CS:GO, BF4,etc.).The frequency of crashes is noticebly higher than Windows 10. [I Know that this card isn't meant for Gaming and all but c'mon, the driver crashes where it really should not.][the card performs satisfactorily for me atleast.]. I've already cleaned the card thoroughly several times, just to be on the safer side, no luck.


Driver version used: 399.07 (and some immediate previous ones)


What I didn't try:

--> using very old drivers

--> disabling the Windows Aero (Win7)


Please I want you guys and gals to suggest the next logical step I should try. Thanks!

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