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  1. gentle typhoons gets owned by the P12 and the 12x25, should be safe to say that the T30 is the new king yes, When a Good fan like 12x25 and T30 spins 2k, I would not say that a fan that sounds like a jet and needs to spin 2500rpm to "beat" them is the "king". thats just bruteforce
  2. I used Bios controll for MSI. Never ever again. Asus is ok. but im the type of guy that wants to change from "I Can hear some fans without headset on" to "turn almost all fans off for a while" on the fly. iCue has more "steps"(Dots on the curve line/Speed steps). and can use temp sensors(like on a wire) What Bios do you like so much?
  3. The bionix is better than the corsair's linus was talking about, but my opinion is Rad = P12 (no bionix) cuz its just cheaper and better for everywhere else u think about using a P12, a bionix is fine
  4. Yes cuz FanControl is just Curves for FanSpeed or options for staticspeeds. And Icue is just soooo much better than any other option of controlling fan speeds. And commander pro is the only corsair product i use
  5. when why do u say " The term “fancontrol” includes both rgb and non rgb"
  6. how many of the "FanControll" apps does RGB and speed? not asus but dont know about the others
  7. well, i cant speak for gigabye or msi.. but Icue is better than Aura and armorycrate. For FanControll its better than MSI's, better than fan xpert3
  8. ok it was 2012 7.38 And think about it as boinix vs non bionixs
  9. any chance of pics how it looks? (with fans and with fans gone)
  10. Corsair commander pros fan control is best in class tho
  11. dont u remember what our master said in 2014(i think it was)?
  12. The noise comes if its DC controlled too. and its just some speeds, but if thats motor or blades.. well unless they changed or upgrades the motor between the P120 ARGB (that has alot of high pitch) and P12 ARGB (that has almost none) i dont know BUT the P12 ARGB has the ring. And Arctic did comment on a YT vid that it was the blades making the pitchnoise T30 fan kinda has to be awsome, 12x25 design +0,5 Thiiccccc
  13. anyways its time to say that the P12 is on 3rd place now