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Is my motherboard still safe to use?

Go to solution Solved by LukeSavenije,

Yeah... I wouldnt risk it. That's all I have to say

So yeah,


Today my front led panel of the case shortcircuited with the motherboard.


I was playing Assetto Corsa when all of the sudden I heard popping/ spark noices comming from the front panel and smelled fire.


Out of response I pulled out the PSU cable to forcefully discharge my system which I known is not the smartest thing to do. ?


After a few seconds I noticed smoke forming inside of the case through the side window of the case.

So I took it apart and disconnected the front panel and it's cables from my system and after a while I decided to try turning on my system again without the front panel attached to it.


I was very reassured to see that my entire system booted up perfectly.

I did however notice that the onboard LEDs where not responding, two of them kept on static colours and the other just refused to turn on at all.


I am thinking that the onboard RGB header has blown but to be honest if that is all then I'm glad that it took the full blow.


The case itself is currently openend without the front panel attached to it, I am planning to put it back on after the smell is gone and without the RGB cables attached since I don't see any harm in that.


I am however concerned about the state of my motherboard, everything runs fine except the onboard RGB which seems reasonable.

I am however afraid that my motherboard might damage more components from my system.


So my question now is: Can a motherboard that has been exposed to a short circuit do further damage even though the source of the short circuit is no longer present.


I honestly do not give a 'fish' about the RGB header not working, and the case can be replaced cheaply if that will be required.


But if the motherboard will damage/kill more components in my system then it will be much more expensive to fix.


Does anyone have experience with running a partially dead motherboard.


I haven't run into any issues as of yet but the question will be how long will keep that way?


Maybe someone can help me.



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I see your point.


I'm going to try to claim warranty but I fear for the worst.


Thanks for your help anyway!

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