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PC won't turn on without re-seating RAM


Hey guys,


Turned my PC on this morning as you do to find nothing happened. Lights came on but nothing on the monitor and no reaction from my keyboard and other USB devices. This happened after a Windows update so I took out my M.2 to see if I would get a BIOS screen, nothing. So I started by taking out one stick of RAM, don't know why but it worked. Now I have a BIOS. I put everything back in and it boots to windows absolutely fine. Now, whenever I turn on my PC I have to re-seat a RAM stick for it to successfully boot to windows. Any ideas?


Thanks for any help!

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Seems like a bad ram stick .

Try to put it in another slot.

Please quote or tag me @Void Master,so i can see your reply.


Everyone was a noob at the beginning, don't be discouraged by toxic trolls even if u lose 15 times in a row. Keep training and pushing yourself further and further, so u can show those sorry lots how it's done !

Be a supportive player, and make sure to reflect a good image of the game community you are a part of. 

Don't kick a player unless they willingly want to ruin your experience.

We are the gamer community, we should take care of each other !

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