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Excel VBA code for UDF lookup

Hi Guys, 

Can any of you help me with an UDF for excel? I have made a few but they don't seem to work as i want. Also the first few from "google programming" did not work as expected. 

Basically what i need is a Vlookup formula that will return all the matches - not only the first one that gets found.

I have two workbooks (workbook A - workboob B)   
In workbook A in column B i have my values that i want to use to search in workbook B - they are in column A and B there. 

a normal vlookup would go like this - =VLOOKUP(B2;[Book1.xlsx]Sheet2!$A$5:$B$128;2;FALSE) 

Any suggestions for the UDF to make it find al the matches ?

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