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Crosshair VII Hero Problems


The setup:


Asus Crosshair 7 Hero (0804 bios)

Ryzen 2700x with Dark Rock 4 Pro 

Trident RGB for AMD kit (2*8 3600)

M.2_2: Samsung 970 Evo 2TB

M.2_1: Samsung 970 Pro 512

Gpu: GTX 780 and unknown AMD Radeon as backup test

PSU: Seasonic Prime Titanium 850



When I put a SSD into M2_2 slot there is no post, no boot no nothing. Just all fans spinning but thats it.

If i dont have an SSD in the M2_2 slot i can boot - sometimes - but safeboot and after clear cmos it seems to work for one boot.

However - NOT if i use the 780.


It feels like if too much power or too many pcie lanes are used it cant boot.


I tested the 780 in another system - works.

I tested 2 different PSUs - no change.

I tested 2 different set of RAMs - no change.

I tested the original in a different system - works.


I tested both SSD in M2_2 slot same result - both SSDs in M2_1 slot work.


Of course the idea was to have a GPU working AND both M2...


I tested a million settings in bios - and have no idea left.


I suspect a defect MB.


Somebody another idea?


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