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Difference between CPU Core Voltge (SVI2 TFN) and Vcore in HWiNFO?


I'm just comparing two different OC settings (1.3v / Level 3 LLC vs. 1.31250v / Level 1 LLC) and looking at HWiNFO I realized that the CPU and Motherboard both report a core voltage.

What one is more accurate or what one should I be looking at?
For example:

The 1.3v / Level 3 LLC has the CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) as "Min:1.281v & Max:1.3v" & the motherboard sensor reads the Vcore as "Min:1.297 & Max:1.352"
The 1.31250v / Level 1 LLC has the CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) as "Min:1.262v & Max:1.312v" & the motherboard sensor reads the Vcore as "Min:1.308 & Max:1.330"



The Level 3 LLC has a difference of 0.019v on the CPU but 0.055v on the Motherboard.

The Level 1 LLC has a difference of 0.05v on the CPU but 0.022v on the Motherboard.

Now I kind of understand what LLC is for (Its to combat vdroop... as current increases, voltage decreases. So LLC will bump up the voltage under load so it stays within voltage tolerance) and in an ideal world LLC would create a 'flat line'.

I know these are well within safe voltages but I'm just curious as to what voltage number I should be looking at in HWiNFO

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