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Load Balancing Soft/ Hard/ Cloud Ware for Mobile Streaming?


Here we have 3 Cellphone Network and a very Mountain Terrain. The goal is for me to make a Live Stream into the Internet with Live feeds across the Ride.
The Main Problem is in the Mountain Terrain the coverage varied from second to second. I know there is Hardware available who allow the Admin, User,... to transmit 1 Package truth multiple IP Connection and the Package who arrived frist the get use and the other Packages (in my case 2 -> 3x LTE) get ignored. In some other lets say Stupid Kiddy Board I had to argue around that the will cause some trouble because the send the packed 3x. Sure that's total wrong because the other Side is ignore the double packed.

The next point is have more than 2 LTE Modules is not that common. Like Lancom. Nada...

So is there an solution who is affordable for your Social Club?

From AT. :x

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