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  1. <p><a href="#NO1">Point1</a></br> ... <br><a href="#NO30">Point30</a></p> So is here p used right? Or whould I use br also? Everything between use br at both ends. I use that to jump to points on the Site (thanks that works). Does I need a div here to? Well beside of that I quite know some thinks about HTML but read and write are 2 different thinks. Now I dont want to use any CMS because its just a thiney maybe 2, 3 Site Page who I want to be free to change what I want and need. Is there some easy wa
  2. The Site here wasnt lodading propperly i dont tought that someone would replay that quick. oh I must learn more about "div" and what that do. The Image show what my 2nd problem is. Everyone who use Word, Writer,... know there is a difference between Enter and Shift Enter. Sorry I dont know how to call it in english. It seem the "p" make the equvalent of an Enter with a big space between the lines. When I press Shift Enter in a Text Edit Software the normally make tide space. What is the HTML Equvalent or a Shift Enter? My Site look totally messed up because there are that
  3. I want to have multiple lines like: erajtatjatd adtjtadjadt adtjadtjejht ethetbetb eathjetj inside the Box. I dont know what I need to do to go to the next line. When I use: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> the are outside of the Box and in the next Line...
  4. Hi I try to build a Simple Homepage for one of my Domain with basic HTML, PHP stuff without a CMS to learn how to use that. Now I try this: https://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_border-radius Well I want to have more lines in the Box than just that one. <p id="rcorners1">Rounded corners!</p> When I put in the next Line: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> for example the are outside of the Box?! Sadly I try to ask in a German Site but the Germans are so rude and not replay with anything. THX!
  5. Also Hight Price Wifi Router use Beam Forming to.
  6. Look good. I pay 15€ for each month.
  7. Why it remember me at this Movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomorrow_Never_Dies
  8. Hmm where is the bucked for the fecies hiding?
  9. I forgott to mention: https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_95256/merkmale.html Well why not buy a "delock" one? The use the same Chip(set).
  10. How about that Mr. Linus? https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_95253/merkmale.html
  11. OMG that look for me more than a Firehazard! And I also run a Fiber Network in our House just for Galvanic Isolation between Floors. There is NO need at each floor. There is a 0 benefit when it come to S/FTP cable.
  12. Well back to the Cable... I prefare that one: https://www.lindy.de/websale8/?Ctx=%7bver%2f8%2fver%7d%7bst%2f3ea%2fst%7d%7bcmd%2f0%2fcmd%7d%7bm%2fwebsale%2fm%7d%7bs%2fld0101%2fs%7d%7bl%2fld0101%2fl%7d%7bmi%2f800210%2fmi%7d%7bmd5%2f083b256a57bca4a83e3e2a81385ee184%2fmd5%7d&ws_catfilter_01=&ws_catfilter_02=&ws_catfilter_03=S%2FFTP&ws_catfilter_04=Blau The are good Quailty and best shield as possible and durable enough for Home use.
  13. Hmm I hope its Water Resistant? That could be nice for SDR Stuff for example. But I would never change for my Dell Tablet.
  14. Well I can block then with a transparent proxy to that works ok. I just need an Open Source DB who get updated recently with a lot of that bad Sites like Gambling, Spam, illegal,...
  15. Hi Simple Question I want to block some nasty sites on my free Wifi and for that I looking for a big DB for Contend Filtering. Thankfully ma Proxy can handle Thousand Blocked Domains without a major speed decrease. I found some sites but sadly the DB have just a small portion of my known Domains and it seem the Author dont update the DB anymore even when People send in new Sites. Thanks
  16. Here if a device is capable of dvb-t2 you could put an antenna on and watch illegally TV. So since 99,...% support it its no option.
  17. I don't want to pay 315€ yearly for the propaganda channels I never watch.
  18. Hi I want to avoid the "TV Tax" by buying anything who could receive anything who start with "DVB". So what are my options for just Watching Bluray, Streaming,... in my Home Office Bed? Are there some TV without the TV Part in it and be not something like a Public Display who is (for good reason) expensive? Thanks
  19. Hi I have the problem that my Mouse leave often the Window of a Game. I dont know what I should do. When I try to shoot the Software closed at the worst point ever. Is there some setting I should, could set in Windows to prevent that? Thanks
  20. A Pi is 53€ with free shipping: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/4000058033041.html
  21. Why not a Pi4 or such think: https://www.zotac.com/at/product/mini_pcs/zbox_p_series ?
  22. Well how should that work without a performance loss and with the same Temp?