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  1. Are there any new Android Cams on the Market?
  2. Hi I bought legally old Games who I always wanted as a Kid but the require a CD for startup attleast. In my Tablet I put a 512GB Micro SD in. Is there some free Software who allow me to "convert" a CD into a Iso Image and later on my Tablet use the Iso as Virtual drive so the Game will start up? Thanks
  3. Is there no Law over there that every employee must have Natural Light at his Office Space? And is there not any regulation how many m² every employee must have atleast?
  4. Haha Linus could be happy to be not in Europe since he would break a lot of regulations here.
  5. Hi I have an damn old IBM and some Peace of a former Business IT Setup like 2 Disk shelf and an EVA,.... who are from ~2005 my nickname for them is Heater Block. The did come "free" with the Server Rack I intend to use. I currently use an "Storage" Server for normal thinks like running an PBX on who allow me to make in your House Phone Calls and so on and on... that run 24/7. Well I need to do 2 thinks: 1) do some maintenance on them without have an huge Downtime for the PBX 2) I also need another Server for "playing around" without any downtime to the existing Setup who run stable
  6. What is your next Peering Point?
  7. Hey Guys and Girls Does anyone here use an good old Beamer with 3D Goggles and an Pc, Laptop, Tablet,... as Source to watch 3D Contend? I got some 3D Blurays who I want to enjoy alone in the dark when i feel lonely again. Sadly there are not that much TV out there who support it natively. What are the limitation with an Beamer when I watch some Adult 3D Contend when it come to Frame Rate, Resolution,...? Thanks
  8. Grüss Gott Sind hier Leute die Red Faction zocken? Lg
  9. <p><a href="#NO1">Point1</a></br> ... <br><a href="#NO30">Point30</a></p> So is here p used right? Or whould I use br also? Everything between use br at both ends. I use that to jump to points on the Site (thanks that works). Does I need a div here to? Well beside of that I quite know some thinks about HTML but read and write are 2 different thinks. Now I dont want to use any CMS because its just a thiney maybe 2, 3 Site Page who I want to be free to change what I want and need. Is there some easy wa
  10. The Site here wasnt lodading propperly i dont tought that someone would replay that quick. oh I must learn more about "div" and what that do. The Image show what my 2nd problem is. Everyone who use Word, Writer,... know there is a difference between Enter and Shift Enter. Sorry I dont know how to call it in english. It seem the "p" make the equvalent of an Enter with a big space between the lines. When I press Shift Enter in a Text Edit Software the normally make tide space. What is the HTML Equvalent or a Shift Enter? My Site look totally messed up because there are that
  11. I want to have multiple lines like: erajtatjatd adtjtadjadt adtjadtjejht ethetbetb eathjetj inside the Box. I dont know what I need to do to go to the next line. When I use: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> the are outside of the Box and in the next Line...
  12. Hi I try to build a Simple Homepage for one of my Domain with basic HTML, PHP stuff without a CMS to learn how to use that. Now I try this: https://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_border-radius Well I want to have more lines in the Box than just that one. <p id="rcorners1">Rounded corners!</p> When I put in the next Line: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> for example the are outside of the Box?! Sadly I try to ask in a German Site but the Germans are so rude and not replay with anything. THX!
  13. Also Hight Price Wifi Router use Beam Forming to.
  14. Look good. I pay 15€ for each month.