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  1. <p><a href="#NO1">Point1</a></br> ... <br><a href="#NO30">Point30</a></p> So is here p used right? Or whould I use br also? Everything between use br at both ends. I use that to jump to points on the Site (thanks that works). Does I need a div here to? Well beside of that I quite know some thinks about HTML but read and write are 2 different thinks. Now I dont want to use any CMS because its just a thiney maybe 2, 3 Site Page who I want to be free to change what I want and need. Is there some easy wa
  2. The Site here wasnt lodading propperly i dont tought that someone would replay that quick. oh I must learn more about "div" and what that do. The Image show what my 2nd problem is. Everyone who use Word, Writer,... know there is a difference between Enter and Shift Enter. Sorry I dont know how to call it in english. It seem the "p" make the equvalent of an Enter with a big space between the lines. When I press Shift Enter in a Text Edit Software the normally make tide space. What is the HTML Equvalent or a Shift Enter? My Site look totally messed up because there are that
  3. I want to have multiple lines like: erajtatjatd adtjtadjadt adtjadtjejht ethetbetb eathjetj inside the Box. I dont know what I need to do to go to the next line. When I use: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> the are outside of the Box and in the next Line...
  4. Hi I try to build a Simple Homepage for one of my Domain with basic HTML, PHP stuff without a CMS to learn how to use that. Now I try this: https://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_border-radius Well I want to have more lines in the Box than just that one. <p id="rcorners1">Rounded corners!</p> When I put in the next Line: <p>This is a paragraph.</p> for example the are outside of the Box?! Sadly I try to ask in a German Site but the Germans are so rude and not replay with anything. THX!
  5. Also Hight Price Wifi Router use Beam Forming to.
  6. Look good. I pay 15€ for each month.
  7. Why it remember me at this Movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomorrow_Never_Dies
  8. Hmm where is the bucked for the fecies hiding?
  9. I forgott to mention: https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_95256/merkmale.html Well why not buy a "delock" one? The use the same Chip(set).
  10. How about that Mr. Linus? https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_95253/merkmale.html
  11. OMG that look for me more than a Firehazard! And I also run a Fiber Network in our House just for Galvanic Isolation between Floors. There is NO need at each floor. There is a 0 benefit when it come to S/FTP cable.
  12. Well back to the Cable... I prefare that one: https://www.lindy.de/websale8/?Ctx=%7bver%2f8%2fver%7d%7bst%2f3ea%2fst%7d%7bcmd%2f0%2fcmd%7d%7bm%2fwebsale%2fm%7d%7bs%2fld0101%2fs%7d%7bl%2fld0101%2fl%7d%7bmi%2f800210%2fmi%7d%7bmd5%2f083b256a57bca4a83e3e2a81385ee184%2fmd5%7d&ws_catfilter_01=&ws_catfilter_02=&ws_catfilter_03=S%2FFTP&ws_catfilter_04=Blau The are good Quailty and best shield as possible and durable enough for Home use.
  13. Hmm I hope its Water Resistant? That could be nice for SDR Stuff for example. But I would never change for my Dell Tablet.
  14. Well I can block then with a transparent proxy to that works ok. I just need an Open Source DB who get updated recently with a lot of that bad Sites like Gambling, Spam, illegal,...