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TT Sync Controller not working

Hey guys really hope someone can help.

I recently got the Thermaltake TT Sync controller with 3 of the Thermaltake Riing premium RGB fans.

So after I got everything connected the fans spin up just fine but there is absolutely no LED's firing up on the fans.

I did everything according to instructions and connected it to 5V addressable RGB header on my X470 Taichi but still no LED's fire up on the fans. I have tried literally everything and through the ASRock RGB software I can see the controller is picking up but I cant change anything color-wise literally nothing is happening. Been struggling for 3 days now and I have no idea what to do anymore. Am I missing something?

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Yeah probably should have mentioned that the fans work fine on the normal controller that came with the fans but its just a spinning rainbow at the moment cause the usb interface broke off meaning I have no control over the fan LED's so its just cycling through colors. Thats why I got the TT Sync controller to actually be able to control my LED's cause the rainbow is making me crazy. Also doubt it's the controller cause I tested a friend's exact same one and it also doesnt work it does the same thing. So obviously its the interface between my motherboard and the controller is what I am guessing but I can't seem to figure out if I have done something wrong or not because my motherboard is on the compatibility list for this controller and plugged into the 5V RGB header so everything SHOULD work but I just cant solve this...


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