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  1. iRacing is good in terms of optimization, the in-game graphics quality adjustments are great for tweaking to your desired quality/FPS targets. A 1060 6gb would give you a decent triple 1080p experience as the game isn't particularly hard to run. For 1440p triples ideally i'd be looking at a 2080ti, a 6700xt or a 3070 A team mate of mine runs triple 1440p with a 2070 Super and manages to get by.
  2. 3 x 2560 x 1440p is a lot of pixels, expect large frame drops in traffic and some tracks grandstands etc.
  3. Are you running Fortnite in DX11 or DX12? Does it happen on any other games?
  4. Have you tried the other Pcie outs from the PSU?
  5. Your GPU seems to be limited, avg clock frequency is very low. Check Nvidia control panel to make sure there's no power limits in place.
  6. Score is low for a 3600 running 4550mhz, should be closer to 10,800pts. Looks like you have a decent chip to play with though.
  7. The 2 pin is just + and - Has no rpm sense or pwm so should work on any 3 or 4 pin fan header and have DC control. Can you link the fan you have in mind?
  8. Does the voltage still spike with the power limit not at +40%?
  9. KFA2 iirc is the Euro version of Galax.
  10. You'll be pushing a lot of pixels, as long as your expectations are in check then i'm sure you'll manage a smooth experience but likely not high fps. As for OCing the 1070, it probably is worth it. I've OC'ed a few 1070s and 5-10% uplift can be had. What kit of DDR4 3200 do you have?
  11. If you plan on gaming on just one monitor and the others for stream chat, Discord etc then you'll have no problems.
  12. Coil whine comes from vibrations made from current passing through a component like an inductor, sometimes we're unlucky and the vibrations resonate at a frequency that we can hear. Like @alyensaid, it's easy to rule out the AIO by reducing the speed to minimum or setting a static speed.
  13. Coil whine i'd guess. More noticeable when the GPU is loaded?