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Computer fails to boot, shows MOBO logo, no power to keyboard or mouse, OS fails to boot


I've had an iBUYPOWER 64-bit Windows 10 Home machine since Christmas of 2015, and just yesterday I decided to pull apart my setup (not my pc, but how my desks and etc are laid out) and re-organize it. My pc got moved while doing it, but was moved back to its original spot afterwards. Today, after getting home from school, I decided to get on my pc. All the fans ramped up, both my monitors flashed to life with the MSI logo, but the beep that normally happens while booting when the logo disappears happened later than normal and the logo disappeared after an even longer amount of time. When Windows started loading, the loading circle never popped up, and my keyboard and mouse didn't receive power. I decided to hit the reset button and attempted to get into the BIOS, not realizing that my keyboard wasn't working. After a few reset button presses, I got to a blue screen telling me that my OS wasn't starting after multiple tries, with an error code something like 0xc000001. I was prompted to hit ENTER to re-try, or F8 to open a troubleshooting menu. I would have troubleshooted that way if I could use my keyboard. After unplugging the pc's power and waiting five minutes, it doesn't get past the MSI logo. I have tested my keyboard and mouse on another computer.



CPU - AMD FX-8320 8-core 3.5GHz

GPU - AMD Radeon R7-360

PSU - High Power 600W Switching

RAM - 1 8GB Stick


If you need any more info then please ask. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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31 minutes ago, Dave395PC said:

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 changes things willy nilly, so maybe it was updated.

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