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Blackscreen after UEFI


Hi everyone :)

I have a big problem with my PC. Few days ago I played one game, and after some time I saw some atrefacts on the screen (changing colors, white stripes like those on old VHS tapes), so I checked my GPU and I found out it was fire hot at 92°C (around 195°F I guess), so I restarted my PC and everything seemed to be just fine. But after 3 days when playing an old game, not really power consuming, blackscreen showed up. After restart, uefi loaded normally, windows 10 loading screen popped up, the loading circle ended and, blackscreen again. I somehow managed to install windows 10 from the beginning, thankfully I was able to copy all my files to other HDD, but when I changed screen resolution from around 1024x768(recomended) to 1920x1080, after one minute or so, blackscreen showed up again, as well as blackscreens after starting windows. I took my GPU to the store where I bought it, because I have 3 moths of warranty left, so they will chceck if the GPU broke down or not. So what do you think? What could have happened? My guess is GPU, but I'm worried that is not the case :/

GPU: msi R9 390

Motherboard: msi 970 gaming

PSU: XFX 750 pro

CPU: AMD FX-8350



CPU: AMD FX-8350, GPU: MSi R9 390, MB: MSi 970 GAMING, RAM: 16GB HyperX 1866,

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