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Antlion Audio ModMic with Asus MAXIMS hero VIII


i have asus rog MAXIMUS HERO VIII motherboard and i got an Antlion Audio ModMic mic 

mic is a good quality product with good review 

but for me the mic sound quality was bad with low volume i even cheated few softwares but no use  

so do i need to get a sound card? if so what sound card is better with low too medium range budget 

i have heard that   Antlion Audio ModMic is not compatible with ASUS motherboards    

i am a gamer and thinking to start streaming 


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  • 2 months later...

Haz Maximus Hero IX using Modmic 5 Topping DX7 and HiFiman He400i's, absolutely no issues.  Plugged the mic into onboard where my gaming one's left off and no issues, plug and play.  Even have the mic cable neatly tied into the custom xlr cable I have and it's a quality wrap, infact I prefer it to just the headphone cable, not in the way as much.

Cans                                          Amps                                                               Speakers                                      Mic

Sennheiser 6xx                          Topping DX7 (dac/amp) (class D balanced)     Micca RB42                                  Antlion ModMic Uni

Beyerdynamic DT880-600         Emotiva A-100 (class A)                                                                                         Vmoda Boom Pro

Phillips Fidelio X3                      Nobsound Little Bear P7 (pure tube)                 Accessories                                Neego boom mic

Harmonicdyne Zeus                   Little dot MKII (pure tube)                                  Dekoni, Brainwavz and ZMF pads

Fostex T50RP                            Darkvoice 336SE (pure tube)                            Hart and Periapt cables

HiFi-man HE400i (2017)            Crown XLi1500 (power amp class A)                Yoga Blocks (headphone stands)

Blue Microphones Lola               Xduoo MT-602 (class A hybrid tube)

Koss KPH30iCL                          Schiit Fulla (class D dac/amp)                          Headset

AKG K-361-BT                                                                                                      Turtle Beach Stealth 700 v2 + adapter

Phillips shp9500

AKG K240 studio

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