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Bios won't load


I write this thread with a hope of getting assistance from you guys. Let me briefly explain the situation:

I have gotten my hands on a new hard drive so I thought I would try to install Linux (Fedora 28) as Dual boot with Windows 10. This was my HDD setup at the time:
SSD - Win 10
HDD1 - Data
HDD2 - Empty

I have proceeded with creating a usb bootable drive with an .iso image to install from. Installation went fine, I created a partition on HDD2 which i selected during the installation. After installation finished, I rebooted the PC but it went straight to Windows. I rebooted into Bios, checked boot order but i couldn't see the Linux drive in there. I have proceeded with setting grub as the default bootloader in windows as advised here:

This time, I got 2 choice after reboot, and both were Fedora. I chose one of them, but it went straight to Windows again. This time, after I rebooted, all i got was a black screen. And this persists. I am aware that I have someone screwed up my system files. I have tried almost everything. Here is my setup:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
PSU: Seasonic SS-620GM2 Evo 620W

Now, the things I've tried:
1) Pressing all kinds of buttons during boot, but keyboard nor mouse wont even light up
2) Remove all HDD/SSD and boot
3) Restart CMOS - remove battery, short JBAT1
4) Remove one of the RAM slots
Motherboard 2digit display keeps looping codes.

I am really desperate, do you guys have any additional suggestions?


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