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Resolution bug?

Matthew Waring

Go to solution Solved by Glenwing,
6 hours ago, Matthew Waring said:

Interesting, first time I've heard it happen on another monitor. Anyway, it's a known issue, changing the resolution and back is the correct fix :)

I just bought a 1440p monitor and I noticed after two days that there was line in the centre that made it look like the panel was split in half. when I dragged an image or my cursor over it, a small section of the image would disappear and appear over on the right hand side of the monitor. I fixed it by changing the res down to 1080p and back up to 1440p but has anyone else had this issue before? The best way for me to show this via a quick drawing since screen capture wont show it.

The orange box is the missing middle section that is taken to the right.


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