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reccomended ambilight software


I want to build my own DIY Ambilight. I plan on using 5m of WS2811 RGB LEDs and an Arduino nano connected to my pc in order to control the lights. I've seen many videos of people explaining how to build one and what software to use. But there are like 3 different (for what I know) applications and I have no idea which is the best for me. 

1.screen grabbing. So it changes the lights according to what's on the screen. (It'll run on an old pc so an optimized version would be best
2.I want it to also support audio visualization. This can also be a separate program and it must get the audio from an external mic (the music won't run on the pc). I'd prefer a program that actually separates Lows, Mids and Highs and that I can choose "lighting zones" according to them.  (Like shown in this video or this)
3. I am going to put the strips behind my tv and under it (see picture). During Ambilight mode, the strip under the tv will be showing the same as the bottom of the tv ( see picture). I also want the Tv LEDs to show mids and high and under the tv to show Lows.

NOTE: If there is no program that supports audio visualization via a mic connected to the pc then its also possible for me to buy a Mic mod for the Arduino nano (For example this one ) But I prefer not to use it because it's more wiring and so on.

Bonus question: Are ws2811 leds addressable 1 by 1? I've seen some videos where it looks like they can only be controlled in pairs of 3 (maybe because  its 1 IC for 3 leds?)

ambilight xplanations.png

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Hi,  still there ?


Would you have time to take a look at something I am cookink ? It is highly customizable and I could make a fork for your setup with one extra strip easily. But no support for audio and games(DirectX full-screen applications) atm and probably not soon. I leave it here just to give you ideas ...


I am currently not aware of a software that can replicate a row or column on a separate strip, like what you showed. For audio support you should be able to find but I did not bother.


If you don't have your LEDs yet go for W2812B instead.

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