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formating and stripe sizing


Hi guys. Finally got my 4k rig built and it is comfortably running at 5.0Ghz.


I have 4 HGST 12Gbs 4TB drives, and, 4 HGST 6Gbs 3 TB drives, and an Supermicro AOC-S3108L-H8iR 12Gbs raid controller card. This is basically a supercharged Avago 3108. This via a pair or HP Backplanes.


My question is as follows:


Since I am shutting down my HP Server (for sale very soon) I want to implement a new NAS array for my movies/music to this new PC.


What STRIPE settings would be best for the 12Gbs drives and which for the 6Gbs drives? This will be two separate raid array's, one on channel 0 and one on channel 1 of the raid card. The raid card is connected to my new PC.


Any help would be great as I really don't want to experiment. Takes way to much time.


Thank you

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