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RX480/580 power state issue

DIY tech

I recently bought Strix RX480 OC 8GB

I tried different drivers but the issue is that my power State 6 has more volts than 7.

The Bios was stock but the issue was with all the amd adrenalin i tried. (Crimson drivers were used but at that time i didnt have wattman thats y dont know if the issue was there!)


I thought might be the issue with BIOS so moved on to strix RX580 Bios (Nothing changed just installed that stock one)

Now still the same issue is here.

Temps never reach 70s as i keep the curve hardcore. 


The card is stable if not overclocked with 480 or 580 bios.


This is my first  AMD card to with wattman. Totally Noob atm.

Current drivers 18.9.1










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Tried original Bios of Non OC Strix 580 still i get the same strange mv here


I was getting now crash too only in one area of gta V. In that area now i came to know that my CPU usage goes up like spikes upto 75-80%  (i7-2600 @4Ghz) .

Means it kinda struggles. SO what that does is being a lil bottle-neck brings my GPU to either state 5 or either it switches between the last three states and voltage wasnt enough i guess. So i set the voltage of 5,6 and 7 to 1183,1184 and 1185. 

Now the GPU is stable i think (Tested for half an hour) with loads of blowing up vehicle and what not.

And as i have reduced the max voltage from 1193 to 1185 the temps drop by 3-5 Degrees core and VRM too. 


Though m not sure the issue i mentioned in first post is a glitch in my card or bios or drivers !

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