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My PC keeps making a loud annoying noise, help


Everything seems to run fine, this sounds starts at bios so I don't think its a software related problem. Recently I had a bit of a problem with my motherboard and rotten screws which I had to get rough on. Also recently moved my PC closer to me and layed it down (it's a full atx case) and installed an m.2 ssd with electric/heat resistant tape until screws I ordered arrived from Amazon. This could totally be a "thats a normal of noise" but I think it's too loud. (My PC can't be under stress in bios)


Here is a g drive link  to a .wav of the noise.



Any info appreciated, I'm scared something might go boom. 


Other info:


-temps are fine

-i have stopped fans and noise persists

-it starts in bios, maintains in Windows and ubuntu, sometimes stops (in both os)

-it sometime "lags" like it's about to stop but it doesn't. Like stutter. 

-its really annoying. 



Probably slightly damaged Msi krait gaming 3x

I5 6600k no oc

Gtx 1080

No water cooling, 6 fans

A 750w EVGA gold psu



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