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(Evaluation request) 360 VS Bitdefender

(Using Google translate, sorry :( )
(I hope Linus and Dennis can watch this topic and reply me)
So the first thing you should do is make sure that you can read Simplified Chinese or you can use Google Translate's "Translate Entire Page" feature (just fill in the URL in Google Translate, then click "Translate" and set it to "From [Chinese Simplified] To [your language]")
These URL are about the Qihoo 360 on Wikipedia (Please read it first and do not change Language, you can only read the Chinese version to get the most information):
https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/360安全卫士/    (They software for Chinese)
So, start our topic:
On 2018/06/22 (UTC+8), I watched LTT's video. In these videos, I watched a video of Reviews Bitdefender.
I thought at the time that Linus might not know that China has a more powerful (junk) anti-virus software than this, not only free of charge, and it will try to install all of their softwares on your system, and remind you of some good sites has risky.
It betttttttttttttttttttttttttttttter (juuuuuuuuunk) than Bitdefender. It's true.
But, I just say 360 anti-virus software in China is junk, their "International Edition" is really better! No AD, no any bundled software, no anythings! It just a anti-virus!
(Support Google...)
Their English version of website: https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/
But it isn't end! If you can read Chinese (@Dennis), you should be try to using "Chinse Edition".

Chinese Edition is very Poorly's anti-virus software (Yep our Chinese software is very bad...). If you want to try it, chick this link:


Please! Please! Please everybody installed 360 to your virtual machine! Because:


1. When you finished installed, it will tell you:

    "Your system has some bugs! Install our software XXX to check out your system and fix bugs!"

    "Install our software, you can get 4 medal of 360 software!"

2. Warnings. Well, sometimes some anti-virus software will do this. But this software will warning your programs and TeamViewer! YES GUYS, it shows warning when TeamViewer install program running!

3. Well, this is a common problem in all antivirus software -- HAVEN'T UNINSTALL FUNCTION!

If you think "360 Total Security can't stopped something" you should be try to running Chinese Edition. Yep if you think somethings like that.

(If you isn't live in China (includeing HongKong, Macao and Taiwan))


So, this is end.

I have an uninvited request. I hope Linus can evaluate 360 software. Both the international version and the Chinese version can be evaluated. I am not worried that Linus does not understand Chinese, because Dennis is in LMG, isn't?

@莱纳斯 @丹尼斯


Loyal users from LTT, even I from China.

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I can confidently state that 360 is... bloatware if you're being polite.


Would be interesting seeing a world-wide big AV comparison video. You've got people for english, Dennis for chinese (though maybe not simplified), and Russian covered, so that should work out great.

Want to know which mobo to get?


Choose whatever you need. Any more, you're wasting your money. Any less, and you don't get the features you need.


Only you know what you need to do with your computer, so nobody's really qualified to answer this question except for you.


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if its recommended to run on a VM... yea.. not going to happen.. Garbage. Please dont advertise garbage like this... Especially when LTT has a promotion with Bitdefender going on.... 

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Any software which tells you to install another software because first software found something is bullshit. Yes, other company's also advertise their other products, but not like its must because first software found something. They may do it like "We have this X software, maybe give it a try? Now 30% off!"


Thats some oldschool scam. You see such banners in badly made websites. Pop-up saying that it found 6000000 errors and recommends some software to fix them.

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