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Could I install Android or Android TV on a ChromeBox?

So I've been looking for a streaming box for my 4k tv because its a cheap tv, and the UI is clunky and the youtube app often cant handle the 4k content.( and I cant get get Hulu on it). Theres a myriad of cheap Android TV boxes on amazon and Ebay, but they all seem really sketchy. Roku seems like the best option but I would prefer the flexibility of accessing android apps. That being said could I just get a chromebox and put Android on it somehow? This is the chromebox I am looking at at the moment. 



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well (i think) android does not support intel celeron (or any non-arm cpu)

so instead of android you could install kodi or something else. and  i dont think that chromebox would support 4k because that celeron is old (from 2015). ram might be enough but the celeron would not handle it beacuse it doesnt have it own gpu and if i get reallly optimistic that cpu barely does 1440p (assuming you un it with hdmi) in native resolution and thats according to the datasheet (link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/core/5th-gen-core-family-datasheet-vol-1.html)        BUT! i might be wrong here :P

*Intel atom n455

*1 gb ram

*480 gb storage                           

*intel learning but its not teaching


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