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Problems recording multiple audio tracks

Hi all,


I can be a bit of a newb so please bear with me.


I'm using Obs studio to record both my desktop sound and an acoustic guitar for a wee project, however I want to separate the audio tracks so I can e.q the guitar and mix it back in. Apparently this should be possible, recording two audio tracks to the one video then using Audacity to open the video file and see both tracks. 


I got this working once, but when i came back to the project Audacity now doesn't open the tracks properly. I have the Ffmpeg and Lame libraries installed yet still get error messages saying I need them to import the files. Importing Raw data only gives me white noise (screenshots below). I've tried recording in every file type available and nothing yet works. However, I know it has recorded properly as all the videos are playable in VLDC, where the two tracks can be selected and both work individually.


I've added screenshots of some of the error messages and Obs settings. 


Hopefully this reads clear enough. My tech knowledge is scattergun at best. :$


Thanks and good morning, ^_^



2017-11-01 (2).png

2017-11-01 (3).png

2017-11-01 (5).png

2017-11-01 (6).png

2017-11-01 (7).png

2017-11-01 (8).png

2017-11-01 (9).png


2017-11-01 (1).png

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