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HDD fails


Hi everyone,

I was testing some second handed HDD's I got for free. They all worked except one. A small 2,5 500GB HHD. It showed up in disc management but with a failure. Also if I start up the pc I can feel the HDD running but later (3 min) it will stop. How can I fix it? 


Photo of failure: (also I can't get it initialize it neither get it offline) 





My own build: RΛZΞR theme

CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K // CPU cooler: Cryorig H7 // Motherboard: MSI Z270 gaming pro carbon //       

Video Card: MSI Armor gtx 1070 OC 8GB // RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200MHz //  

SSD: Samsung EVO 960 500GB // HDD: 2x WD yellow edition 2TB //

Case: NZXT H440 RAZER edition // Power Supply: Corsair RM550x //         

Operating Software: Windows 10 pro 64-bit

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