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  1. Try writing DLC in chat...... Yup Thats a swear word according to EA
  2. Or... a couple of guides that light help: https://www.google.dk/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/7d5mrq/plex_4k_direct_play_guide/#ampf=undefined
  3. 4K youtube is highly compressed in order to get the bitrate down iirc. I Think you need a better GPU to handle 4K playback at that bitrate. or as suggested above a dedicated GPU might help.
  4. Iirc you need dynamic mics fairly close to the Sound source ie your mouth. So you might want to factor in a stand of sorts.
  5. To deploy to client via Group policies your Will need and active directory. but jeres a step by step https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/canitpro/2015/02/03/step-by-step-setting-up-printers-via-group-policy/
  6. There is no real issues with running a dual pump (or res) loop
  7. Think you are referring to their pastel? I think OP assumption is correct.
  8. I would go with either the primochill praxis wet bench (if you plan on using water cooling) or the Open Bench Table for Air. The later is such a nice peace of kit and well engineered. The other is a breeze to build in and make your own without modding and holds a pretty impressive amount of hardware. If you a going air I would definitely use the Open Bench Table.
  9. Why would you undervolt a 670? They were pretty eficient back in the day and were largely quiet cards iirc
  10. Looks like they come from one of those rather cheapish Home surround sets. They are prolly not that amazing, but Its better than nothing and Sound May be surprisongly decent. No subwoofer? Those sets tendens to have a focus on the bass to deliver impressive explosions
  11. Get their Black dye and put a few drops into their White pastel until you reach a gray tone you like
  12. Check the QVL if you motherboard. If it is DDR4 ram Its very likely
  13. Worst first episode to be honest.. literally nothing happens.. other than... damn life without internet is tricky.....
  14. The X1 are thinner.... and Lacks an ethernetport...
  15. Think you pay a High premium over the T470s/T480s Which imo is a superior product....
  16. If you Can find a Deal on the rode podcaster,Thats a better choice.
  17. In the bios you Can set the timings and speed. How differs a bit from MB brand
  18. Have you tried setting the speed and timings of the ram manually?
  19. No match for the new controllers Think it has 4 pwm headers. My old unit even included thermal probes that you can hook up for more precise thermal readings than supplied by the built in hardware sensors or if you wish to base your fan speeds on water temps
  20. You can’t go wrong with the aquereo. Cept they’ve started charging for their software. Think they demoed it powering 20 fans on one header... that’s pretty crazy. Used to run 6 noctua industrial 2000 rpm fans on one header until recently. ( just dismantled the enitre system) but if you only intend to use it for running fans, it’s a bit overkill as you pay for all the things it can do.
  21. Delidding intel cpus gives a bigger improvement. It’s for looks, because you like to do it and lastly can provider a more quite system
  22. Logitech MX anywhere 2. Ticks all your boxes