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  1. Psu has Al ready been tested in a friend's pc Artic blue 750w
  2. Gpu is working good I've re looked at the motherboard and I've Bent a pin but I'm not sure how I've managed that but not I need to find a new lga 1155 motherboard
  3. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned my pc for the first time in a while I re applied a clean thermal paste layer just to ensure running in optimal efficiency My problem is late last night my pc just shut off for no reason I can find (cpu psu and ram) all work so I think it might be a motherboard issue I try restarting but I'm getting no video output but the computer case tell me my cpu is 17 degrees so I presume it's working? Cpu is undamaged and I've checked cpus bed where it's placed obviously everything is how it should be no damaged pins cpu is the correct way roun