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I'm running my rig with i7 6700K with a GTX980 Asus Strix.


My pal is building his new rig with i5 6600, and he happened to find a second hand GTX Titan Black Gigabyte, and offered a trade, since he was scared that it would be a bottle neck for him and since I do more rendering stuff than him, it'll probably better off with me.


What I was kind of worry about was Gigabyte...I had one of their graphic card few years ago, and couldn't just stress out how much sound and heat the bad boy provided me...and the Asus Strix seems to work quite well to this time.


So...should I go for it? (1 on 1 trade)


Thanks in advance.

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980>>>>>>>>> TITAN BLACK

REDLINECore i7 6700k 4.8ghz 1.37v.Noctua NH-u12s.MSI Z170A Gaming M7.16GB Kingston Hyper X Fury Black.MSI Gaming R9 390 8GB Crossfire + GTX 780 PhysX.Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD.Fractal Design Define R5 Midi Black.SeaSonic X Series 1050w Gold.Logitech G302 Deadalus Prime.Ducky DK2108 Zero Mech Cherry Blue.
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The Titan Black is an interesting card but your 980 is far better than it

Current laptop: Macbook Air 13" Broadwell Updated - HD 6000
Current Desktop: i5 4690K (4.2GHz) | Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 (1.515 GHz) | Cooler Master V650S | HyperX 8GB 1866 MHz (1x8) | ASRock Z97 Anniversary | Samsung 1TB HDD | SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSDZalman R1 Peripherals: Ducky Shine MX Red | Razer Naga 2012 | Razer Kraken Pro | Philips 246V 24"

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Yeah I think they preform about the same so it doesn't matter. Also the card WILL BE FINE because it's a reference card, so gigabyte doesn't make them. 

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