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Anyone use Lossless Scaling app?

Seems their new update is really good according to this guy but I am curious if anyone else has first hand or even second experience.


Seems too good to be true but I admit ignorance on how frane gen works fully.





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Other Tech:

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- Ubiquiti Amplifi HD mesh wifi


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Give me an hour.



EDIT at 23 minutes.


I tried RDR2 (Vulkan) and Star Wars Jedi Survivor (DX12). In many combination of settings. I found performance regressed in both games despite testing around different settings. I also found this just about now and I am going try it too.


I dont have any other AAA game installed on my PC sadly.


EDIT at 49 minutes: further testing with jedi survivor. Not a single improvement for me 😞


mY sYsTeM iS Not pErfoRmInG aS gOOd As I sAW oN yOuTuBe. WhA t IS a GoOd FaN CuRVe??!!? wHat aRe tEh GoOd OvERclok SeTTinGS FoR My CaRd??  HoW CaN I foRcE my GpU to uSe 1o0%? BuT WiLL i HaVE Bo0tllEnEcKs? RyZEN dOeS NoT peRfORm BetTer wItH HiGhER sPEED RaM!!dId i WiN teH SiLiCON LotTerrYyOu ShoUlD dEsHrOuD uR GPUmy SYstEm iS UNDerPerforMiNg iN WarzONEcan mY Pc Run WiNdOwS 11 ?woUld BaKInG MY GRaPHics card fIX it? MultimETeR TeSTiNG!! aMd'S GpU DrIvErS aRe as goOD aS NviDia's YOU SHoUlD oVERCloCk yOUR ramS To 5000C18

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GPU companies hate this one weird trick to unlimited FPS.

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