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4x16 or 2x32

4x16 or 2x32 gigs of ram?  

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  1. 1. 4x16 or 2x32?

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    • 2x32

1 minute ago, mahatisvonallah said:

yes or no

It's an either or, not a yes or no.


If same price, go 2x.  Easier on memory controllers.


Go 4x if your OCD runs your life.

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8 minutes ago, mahatisvonallah said:

yes or no

If we're talking about a dual channel CPU, DDR5 especially, then 2x32GB is objectively better. The only reason to run 4 DIMMs in 2024 is if you need more than 96GB of RAM (then just go with an HEDT system really) or you want the aesthetics of all 4 DIMMs. Aesthetics are a reason to do something, but I don't think a very good one especially if it potentially compromises performance/stability.

Some company make inert blanks for aesthetics as well, where its basically dummy RAM sticks. Not that common though anymore, it seems.

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Information incomplete. Other specs would be super helpful here but as others have said, two sticks is usually easier on memory controllers so will generally run much better especially with DDR5

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If this is DDR5, 2x32GB for sure. DDR5 memory controllers have a hard time running quad module kits. Dual channel is better for DDR5 anyway. 

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Unless getting 4x16GB is a lot cheaper, or you just love the look of all 4 slots being full (maybe with RGB bling), there is literally no reason to go that over 2x32GB. It is worse in every functional way.


It's harder on the memory controller. It prevents you from doing an easy upgrade to more than 64GB of RAM by just dropping in two more sticks. It reduces CPU cooler options because some fans and/or towers hang over the first DIMM slot, which would be empty with just 2 sticks.


Honestly, the only functional thing that you could argue either way about would be if a RAM stick dies. With 4x16GB, you can keep going with just 3 sticks and still have 48GB until you get another stick. However, it also adds additional points of failure in that you have 2 extra sticks that could die. So to me, that's pretty much a wash - I wouldn't call it an advantage to the 4 sticks.

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