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Left handed peripherals


Hey all


I am a lefty. At the moment, I use the Logitech G 903 Mouse (which is great because I can adjust the buttons to be on the right side (so I can use them with my thumb!) I have a Logitech Pro X TKL Keyboard, and then a Coolermaster gamepad for gaming (It saves me SO much time rebinding every game, and has drastically improved my gaming abilities/skills).


Are there any other options similar to the coolermaster game pad I can consider - mine is fairly used and starting to break down (and also the software for the gamepad sucks...) - I've spent quite a bit of time on the internet, but can't see anything that comes close to what I have right now.


Link to the gamepad I have for reference - I would ideally like either a specifically tailored one to be used with the right hand, or to stick with what I have - ambidextrous https://www.amazon.com.au/Cooler-Master-ControlPad-Exclusive-Technology/dp/B08J6J1CZV?th=1


Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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Split keyboard might be your best bet. Either something ergonomic or just a basic keyboard but split. Unfortunately these do demand a premium, with both examples below coming around/starting at 150$. There are cheaper options but they either lack customizability or use worse software than what you might be used to alongside potentially lacking mechanical switches. You could also save money and have a fun project by making something like this yourself. You may be able to find board designs for some of these keyboards, have it printed by some PCB printing company and buy switches and a controller and make it all yourself.


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Larger macro pads or split keyboard might be a good idea. Thinking out of the box a bit, you could also think about using a small 60% or even 40% ortho-linear keyboard instead.


Some ideas:


Not as many buttons, but extra media controls. Plus fully programmable via VIA, meaning no extra software has to run in the background. However, also means you might have to do rebinding in game still (e.g. put WASD keys on there, plus SPACE and maybe QERF1234, then you only need to do the rebinding in game).



Larger, bascially a numpad and arrow cluster plus extras. Same VIA compatibility.


Another idea could be a "southpaw" board, which has the numpad on the left. You could then use the numblock as the place for the right hand, with VIA you could also rebind the numpad or a second layer to the standard keys, like mentioned above.



Not exactly 1-to-1 replacements for your coolermaster thing, but with a bit of tinkering ONCE to get the correct setup in VIA, you might have a lot more options all of a sudden.





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