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CCTV Automatically Upload Footage to Storage Server in Different Places


I have several question about CCTV and i can't find good answer anywhere else, so i will just asking here


First of all, i have several CCTV network on few different places, they all run normally and i can monitor them through my phone, all fine

Several days later, i was planning to build a storage server using my old PC to save my work files and thinking about making a regular backup from the CCTV to my server at my home using cloud service, maybe, but i just don't know how its works.


The question is

1. did i need a specific apps or services to do that?

2. did i need to build another pc for every DVR / NVR and then just upload the footage from the pc to my storage server? or i can just directly upload the footage from DVR / NVR?

3. how to setting the DVR / NVR and my storage server so the CCTV footage can automatically uploaded?


Side notes, i use DaHua and HikVision DVR / NVR for all my CCTV network

Thanks, and best regards.

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