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Are high endurance (micro)SD cards a scam ?

I've been looking at SD cards to use in a surveillance camera. I've come across several high endurance models supposedly designed for the constant use with a dash-cam or surveillance camera, like SanDisk's High/Max Endurance, WD Purple microSD or Samsungs Pro Endurance. But the only distinct feature of those cards seem to be that the warranty period for the lower capacity and/or cheaper models are significantly shorter, usually 2 or 3 years compared to the 10 to life for the standard cards. Obviously in place to avoid the more frequent RMA claims through extensive use they claimed to be designed for. Only the most expensive models like SanDisk's Max Endurance 128/256GB have comparable warranty periods at about double the cost.

Also what measures, other than extensive over-provisioning, could be taken to "harden" the cards ? MLC memory chips seems to be exclusive to small capacity industrial cards.

I would really prefer a long lasting card, not for the cost of replacing it, but rather to avoid getting out on the 15 foot ladder every 6 month. But if it's all the same after all....


Does anybody have any insight into this ?

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