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Help Need Bios for GA-H61M-S rev 1.1


Hi sir last week I updated my bios with @bios I had bios version f3 with @bios I got F4 after new Bios installed I'm getting huge problems whenever i shut down my pc and later when I start system its not booting at all just black screen with no display on monitor. I had to off with with power off button and power button on again after 1, 2, or 3 times system boot with 2 to 5mins booting time, I remember in @bios it shows I got Bios f4 it was for GA-H61M-S Rev 1.0 so I think i'm having issues with new Bios i try to get old Bios from Gigabyte but there is none for rev 1.1 Please someone can help me and give me F3 Bios for GA-H61M-S rev 1.1 I had F3 version before update. Sorry for my bad english please help me.



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