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Can I leave the loose dasiy chain part at the PSU side?


Hi guys. Building a new computer. Installing a 7900 XT, I am running 2 cables from my PSU (FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1000W).


However, both are daisy chained cables (only daisy chained versions supplied with the PSU).


As the cables supplied with the PSU seem completely identical in both ends (apart from the daisy chain part), would it matter if I just plug the end of the cable with the daisy part in at the PSU and leave the loose plug there to minimize clutter in the case itself?


My brain tells me it would make no difference what end is used where - it's just a power connection from one point to another - but I might be wrong, and then, better safe than sorry ☺️


Thanks 🤙


Edit: I forgot to mention.. one end is 8 and one is 6+2. But both the plugs fits perfectly in both PSU and GPU - seems to be no actual noticable difference in the plugs of the cable either end (other than the daisy part..) and the 8/6+2

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i would check if it actually fits, if it does, i would check the pinout between the both ends to make sure it is identical using a multimeter

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