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Latvian Video

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  • Birthday April 12

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    PCs, electronics and cars.


  • CPU
    Celeron 1000M
  • RAM
    2x4GB 1600mhz
  • GPU
    Intel HD 2500
  • Storage
    PNY 120GB
  • Display(s)
    15.6" 1366x768 main
    17" 1280x1024 second
  • Keyboard
    Natec Discus NKL-1183
  • Mouse
    Gamdias Zeus E2
  • Sound
    Xqisit BH100
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP 250 G1
  • Phone
    Huawei Honor 7

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  1. In which tab does it say that? a picture would be helpful. I'm a little confused, because for me it says the half of the actual speed, that's because ram is DDR (DOUBLE Data Rate), but CPU-Z just shows the max bandwidth. So it has to doubled to get the actual max speed.
  2. I have downloaded the manual, it recommends that you put it in the 2nd slot
  3. Just put it in the 2nd slot because the manual says so, and nothing bad should happen if you put it in a different slot, probably a little worse performance.
  4. I'm on a 7yr old laptop with a Celeron 1000m and a Intel HD 2500, I wish I had the i3 or i5 model for the Intel HD 4000
  5. I have a 2013 HP 250 G1 Cpu: Intel Celeron 1000M Ram: 2 4gb sticks @ 1600mhz GPU: Intel HD 2500 SSD: PNY 120gb (Bought early this year) Monitors: Laptop 1366x768 15.6", and a 1280x1024 17"
  6. I have a Celeron 1000m 2 cores at 1.8ghz, the athlon is 4 cores at 3.7ghz, but can be overclocked to 4.2ghz. a Intel HD 2500, 120gb ssd, 8gb ddr3 at 1600mhz (Dual channel), the original 1366x768 laptop screen and a second 1280x1024 screen. I wish I had the version with a i3 or i5 because they have a intel hd 4000
  7. Well... I don't need reasonable settings, xD, 60fps in CSGO and rocket league would be nice, but I'd probs get around 30fps
  8. I will be fine with a gt710, because rn im on a Intel HD 2500, userbenchmark says the gt710 is about 150% better overall
  9. I'll be fine with this psu in theory, because I'll have a AMD athlon x4 860k (95w tdp) and a gt710 (20w tdp), a laptop hdd for now and 3 12v ~0.15A fans, in total that is around 150w, so at least I won't be stressing the PSU to 100%. When I'll have the money I will get a SSD and a new PSU. Wont be using a dvd drive because it is half dead, I think it couldn't write anymore or reads slowly
  10. Yeah, I can't remember what it came out of, but I will be running a AMD athlon x4 860k and a gt710, so it has enough power for that. Now the main worry is it blowing. Technically it has enough power for a 75w gpu (Limited by the pci-e slot)
  11. Nice, I already was doubting this psu that it won't have enough in it to run my system, but after these good news, I will have a upgrade path to a 75w gpu (It doesn't have any connectors for a gpu)
  12. I'm looking at a old psu I have, and wondering what are these... Can the 4pin cpu connector draw up to 12.5A? And the other 12V is also drawing maximum of 12A?
  13. Ty, I was thinking it barely might not be enough, because it needs to power 3 fans too, and that probs is on the 12v rail too. Just did some more calculations and it has about 20w left over, so it probs will be fine
  14. I have a old hp 340w PSU, the 12v rail is at 12A. I'm planning to power a Athlon x4 860k (Overclock probably is limited by the PSU), a Msi GT710 1gb GDDR3, 3 120mm fans (2 are 12V 0.14A, don't know about the other one), if it helps, the mobo is a a68hm-k, ask if y'all need more info
  15. I think you can put in a few commands into CMD to activate the windows, I obv won't distribute the code, but it still probably is on the web