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Laptop "Battery mod"

Hello there,

a very stupid question, no need to understand why... but is it possible to take out the battery and plugin lets say a car battery into a laptop?
The battery of an old laptop says 11.1v idk how it is with new laptops, like highend gaming laptops.


Yes, correct, I don't want to use the Charger, but directly a big battery that is being charged by solar panels.

The car battery goes up to 14v only if the alternator is running but otherwise it's closer to 12v.

Does the battery voltage spikes up when solar panels are charging the battery? Idk

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If you want to power a laptop from a car battery or solar its probably much better to adapt that car battery to the laptop wall charger, then try to plug it where the existing battery wasa installed. Also many laptops will lower performnce when on battery, so plugging into the charging port will allow the laptop to run at max performance.


One issue is that car batteries are normlly lead acid, and laptop batteries are lithum ion, so a lot of the voltagaes when changing and discharging are differenct, so you can't just connect a different type of battery in.


Also laptop batteries have a bms that communicates back to the main board and if you just plugged the car battery in, there would be no bms communication, and the laptop may not turn on to prevent battery damage.

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