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    AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
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    AsRock B550M-ITX AC
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    Patriot Viper @ 3600Mhz CL16 16 16 40
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    On Board (Vega 11)
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    MetallicGear Neo Mini
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    Crucial MX500 500GB + Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
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    BeQuiet Pure Power 11 400Watt
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    Asus TUF 280hz
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    Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless (Stage 4) 42g
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    AKG K701 (Modified)
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    Arch Linux / Windows 10
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    Asus ROG Phone 5

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  1. Very interesting how hard you're trying to convince people to invest their savings into Bitcoin. You keep saying I'm close minded, I don't think we know each other so keep your thoughts to my personality to yourself please. I'm more open minded than you ever will be, I'm not trying to convince people to think the same way I do, but you do exactly that. Everyone who doesn't share the same thought as you is close minded. Crypto is amazing, that's a fact, wasting the power equivalent to a small country to run crypto is not amazing, it's awful. I live in the EU and we actua
  2. Bro stay on the topic ok? We are talking about Mining and wasting electricity. PoS can be also used for payments without needing a powerplant of a whole country. I'm sure I can grasp and have grasped way more than you. Or we can move from coal to hydro instead wasting it on crypto. Hehe, if I tell you that this gold covered poop is solid gold would you pay 30k for then to realize it's just poop covered in gold? I guess you don't understand the value of crypto. Bitcoin is a storage of value like gold, but to keep up the "value" while wasting in
  3. Biggest nonsense I've read in a while. I assume that you mean that someone would use the GPUs to play games right? Now a sad thing, Bitcoin miners use ASIC miners that can only be used to hash a specific algorithm, so your whole "it would've gone to waste anyway" is total bs. Because as soon as the complexity increases you can throw all the ASIC miners in the trash bin and get a new one. GPUs in other hand would be sold much less, instead people buying 8 GPUs, they would have bought one GPU running maybe at 100% while gaming for 3h daily instead 8 running at 100% 24/7.
  4. Hello, so I've tested the switch with a multimeter and the switch works aka short is there and it makes also a normal click sound. Anyone has an idea how I could fix that? It's 2 years old. It always worked normal and it just stopped out of nowhere. Should i test something specific with a multimeter?
  5. Hi, I'm thinking about reverseengineering a mouse but no idea where to start I guess.


    Logitech G Pro Wireless


    1. minibois


      Reverse engineering is not really something I know too much about.

      I mean, my gut feeling would tell me to first check the different chips on the board, to see what they do. You can usually found out quite a bit that way already.


      Although most functions of the mouse go through the microcontroller probably.


      This video might be interesting to find out the basics of how a mouse works:

      Keyboards is something I am really enthusiastic about, which is why I wrote that topic. Mice is something I am much less in to, so I don't know if I would make a topic about it.

  6. Sorry for changing the topic bit I've seen the thread in your signature and it's so interesting! Would you mind making one about mice? Sensors etc? I understand that it creates pictures and then compares it but how?
  7. Thanks man, that helped me a lot. I also got myself a tip cleaner, magnifying lamp and a soldering mat
  8. Hello, so I've been using a really old soldering iron that my father was using for about 20 years and I decided to buy my own stuff. I want also to try fix my GPU that died on me (no display signal but fans spin). So I've added a hotair/solderingiron 2 in 1 station that seems pretty good and has good reviews (4.9 at 550reviews) and no clean flux tube. Is there anything else that's nice to have when soldering stuff? I was soldering like cables and the passive parts like diodes etc but how I've said I want to try to fix my GPU. I've seen also a
  9. But all the examples that I've seen of PoS the blockchain only shows what was transfered where. But if the blockchain generates coins then how would you make that? You create an extra transaction that just sends coins to stake holders after the block was created?
  10. The difference is that one entry is more complicated than an array of objects with one key value pair. It will have about 7 keys, then probably 2-3 arrays from 0-100 objects that also have key value/arrays/objects. I was also thinking about using MongoDB or lokiJS for that. Both of them use BSON, as far as I'm aware MongoDB is written in C++. But mongodb wouldn't be the best fit for that, I would prefer something without querying etc.
  11. Hello, I've bought a custom watercooling setup and sadly my case is to small x.x I can change the radiator (1x 240) for something else. I have a D5 Pump so I guess it's good enough for bigger loops. I somehow like the rack cases, idk why. It's just cool.
  12. But if someone added 100k coins to his wallet, the coin price should drop because there are 100k more right? So lets use BTC coin count for example 21mil 21000000 Volume $3000 / Coin 21mil * 3k = $63Bil if someone owns already 11mil Coins, meaning he has $33bil adding 100k would give an extra of 300.000.000USD to his wallet. But he could also have doubled his coins 126bil and then made a lower price, for example if a coin is 3k then he could sell for 2.5k and basically sell to everyone, meaning he would sell as much as possible and yes the stock would go down but it ac
  13. So the thing is that it will filter (not sort) each 3s, it can be an array of 100 items then the next second it can be an array with 10k items, then 4k items. Short said we will never know how many items there will be, if god wants to it could be even 5mil items. Similar to AI you don't know how much data comes out exactly, depends. That's why I'm asking, if the Rasp Pi 4 can filter 1mil items in a second then this shouldn't be a problem. If it takes a second longer than 3s it's not bad, it shouldn't become 20s tho.
  14. Hello everyone, I was thinking about POS Blockchains because it doesn't waste electricity. So there is a thing like the 51% stake attack, but what I'm thinking about is how do you even validate this? The person who has the biggest stake mines the block, and the description of POS blockchains says that it's a bad idea to "create a custom block" for example adding 100k coins to your wallet. So how do you ensure that the block is valid and how does the 51% stake attack work? Do you become the blockchain boss and anything you say is instantly valid?
  15. So when would it make sense to use a GPU filtering of an array? (if possible on gpu) 1000, 100k? I assume that even a SOC mobile GPU can be faster than the 8 arm cores? Like the RK3399