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boot 2013 macbook (or wake) while in clamshell mode

So i use my mac for basic stuff.  As i only need to access it monthly.  I have it on a stand, and do have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for when i need to use it.  I also sometimes just chrome remote in.  However, my mac needs to be awake to do those things.  
How do i turn on my mac, while its sleeping, and in clamshell mode?  I can't access the power button, and its pretty inconvenient for me, when its connected to power, usb, thunderbolt port, just to open and press the power button.  Any ideas?  I know my dell laptop, in bios, i can change it to turn on when i plug in the charger.  Works great for me.  Though would love to know if someone by chance knows how to force shut down a dell when docked as well.  As power button is not accessible (dell latitude 5490).



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Either opening the lid, or using the mouse/keyboard should work according to Apple Support


You can also use the pmset command line tool to do things like these examples from the pmset man page


Sets displaysleep to 10, disksleep to 10, system sleep to 30, and turns on WakeOnMagicPacket for ALL power sources (AC, Battery, and UPS) as appropriate

     pmset -a displaysleep 10 disksleep 10 sleep 30 womp 1
Schedules the system to automatically wake from sleep on July 4, 2016, at 8PM.

     pmset schedule wake "07/04/16 20:00:00"

     Schedules a repeating shutdown to occur each day, Tuesday through Saturday, at 11AM.

     pmset repeat shutdown TWRFS 11:00:00

     Schedules a repeating wake or power on event every tuesday at 12:00 noon, and a repeating sleep event every night at 8:00 PM.

     pmset repeat wakeorpoweron T 12:00:00 sleep MTWRFSU 20:00:00

It's a really powerful tool. Friends of mine use the schedule to make sure their computer turns on just before they sit down at their desk in the morning. I've heard of other people using it to schedule overnight backups.


If you read through the man page you'll probably see something that does what you're looking for.

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