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  1. You should scan the pi with nmap. It will tell you if the port is open.
  2. You can get old versions of macOS from Apple. You should be able to get High Sierra, El Cap, or Yosemite onto it. If that doesn't work, here's a link to Mac OS Lion which is what that machine would have shipped with.
  3. When somebody says "I want to do x", I never want to just say "you shouldn't want to do that". So, to start I'm going to give you this guide for setting up xrdp on your Ubuntu machine. Once you get this up and running use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access the machine. The bad news here, is that setting up remote desktop that works as smoothly as VNC on macOS or rdp on Win10 for a Linux desktop is very difficult to do. I have only once in my life managed to get a nice and reliable remote desktop setup going on a Ubuntu computer. For accessing any Ubuntu machine remotely
  4. Safari gets a lot of flak, but it's my main browser in macOS and on elementaryOS I use Web. I've never encounter something I wanted to do on the web that doesn't work.
  5. You're right that Linux can solve this, but to be honest so can Windows or MacOS. You've got a good Linux explanation from @Nayr438, and I don't know much about Windows so I'll leave that to somebody else. But on macOS, you do by opening Disk Utility right clicking on the drive and then "erase...". That'll give you all the options you need to reformat. If you're more of a Terminal fan diskutil list That'll give you a list of all the drives attached. Like this one: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE
  6. @Electronics Wizardy is right that you should just use the free trials for this software to check out the performance options. But as an added bit of info, the Windows VM on my Intel Mac is ~52GB and has a 256GB vDisk. I don't have any CAD software on it though, just small stuff like compilers and web browsers. So I'd guess that your VM will actually take up at least 50GB of real space, but probably 60 GB or so.
  7. If you've got an iPhone, you can do this via Shortcuts. Setup a nice build script on the MacBook, then create shortcut that logs in a runs that script. If you were on Linux, this would be easy to do via an alias as well. If you're good at PowerShell there's probably a way you can in single script log into some machine via ssh and run a command. If there's no way to get a nice alias in PowerShell, then the other option is to leverage git and cron on the Mac. Keep the main branch on your Mac and then add something like git status -uno to the beginning of the build script
  8. You can't but also it's not the most cost effective way to do it anyway. The M1 iPad starts at $999 and the M1 Mac Mini starts at $899. I don't know what your setup is so far, but depending on your display needs I'd either get an M1 iMac or Mac Mini.
  9. I think what you're looking for here is to use diskutil eject instead of diskutil unmount Unmounting a single volume means the OS could still be using the drive, keeping it available in case you want to mount a different volume. When you eject the disk, that tells macOS that you don't the entire disk or any of it's volumes anymore. Personally, I don't have this use case so I can't guarantee that this will work but it's work trying because it should work.
  10. They've certainly got room to improve, lol.
  11. I'm going to echo the other posters here and say you should way to see how the 13 looks. If the 13 looks good to you, get it or get a used 12. August is never really a good time to buy a phone since all the big players have early fall events.
  12. If you slap the SIM into an iPhone (I'd go with something old like an SE 1, 6S, or 7) then you can make and receive calls/SMS from any iCloud device logged into the same account. So long as you have a physical place to keep the phone plugged in, in Israel, this should do it. If this isn't an option, then you can go with whichever VOIP + SMS service works best for you. Google has a bunch of results that look promising, but I have no idea how reliable any of these companies are.
  13. Brutal. When I last worked on Android, I used a Nexus 4 and then a Nexus 6P as my test phones. They were also bad, and the excuse was that "they're early phones, don't worry it'll get better" at that time too. Obviously I'm not trying to give you personally a hard time (unless you're actually in charge of Google's phone strategy, in which case: dude, wtf?). But it's pretty rough that Google's been making Android phones for over 10 years and they're still having growing pains.
  14. Are 2 year old Android phones really expected to be this bad? My test iPhone is an iPhone 7 (5 years old) and it works flawlessly. I picked the Pixel 3a because it's supposed to get Android 12 support, and so I thought that meant the phone was still supported by Google.
  15. elementaryOS (https://elementary.io). It looks great, and you can't beat the App Center when it comes to app distribution on Linux.