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  1. I recommend elementaryOS with La Sierra Icons and the elementary-x GTK+ theme. It's what I use when I need a linux desktop workstation.
  2. Assuming that this is the app you're using, that's already a command line argument // Parse command line arguments. Available options: // // /delay DELAY_IN_MILLISECONDS // /filename OUTPUT_FILENAME // /devnum DEVICE_NUMBER // /devname DEVICE_NAME // /preview // /devlist // So you should be able to do this with c:\>CommandCam.exe /filename %date% Or whatever naming system you want to use.
  3. I think the difference here is that I don't see learning about your OS in detail as being particularly important for anybodies first program. Trying to learn how Windows works under the cover by way of writing a hello world level GUI app would be a bit like learning about Intel's hyper-threading or branch prediction algorithm during your first multi threaded application. Or doing a deep dive on encryption and cryptography before using something like GnomeKeyring or iOS/macOS keychain in your app. There are many important parts of how your system works that just don't matter for bas
  4. The reason is that the .NET languages are easier to learn. You're talking about sacrificing ease of use in the name of a few megabytes of RAM and hard drive space. I used to sweat every megabyte back in the 90s, but these days even a low end machine will have enough RAM and storage that sacrificing a few megabytes in order to make learning how to program easier is the right trade off to make for 99% of people. And we already know that OP has been programming in python, which is much less efficient than nearly any compiled language because it's making a whole difference set of trade offs.
  5. It does, but it's nowhere near the intended use case. Microsoft doesn't even recommend that new programmers use C++. Their documentation says I'm not saying C is a bad language or anything, just that the OP here is a new programmer with some python experience whose now looking to make some basic windows apps. It makes no sense to recommend somebody like this use C as opposed to .NET. Even if I wasn't going to recommend C#, I'd still recommend C++ over C for a newbie targeting Windows. Like I said in my first post, programming languages are just tools and you should pick yo
  6. My first guess is that it’s not all the way gone. Some hardware drivers need a kernel extension to work, and this could be what’s causing your problems. In the Terminal app run this command to see if there are any kextstat | grep -v com.apple You can also use AppCleaner to make sure all the parts of the GoPro Webcam drivers are really gone.
  7. Open how? If you just want to read the contents of a file you can use `more`. more < somefile.txt If it’s a binary you want to run, use `start`. start myapp.exe If neither of those are what you’re after, you’ll have expand on what you want to do.
  8. If you’re a normal human, signing in from a normal human web browser; this is true. But that’s because of the bot detection I mentioned. Try creating a Google Account in a Debian VM with bare bones Chromium and without a mouse. You’ll have to do a captcha at each step because they’ll think you’re a bot. A big part of good bot detection is that humans never see it. But if you’re writing a script to programmatically create Google Accounts or to sign in to YouTube, you’ll see it.
  9. Do not try and write Windows software in C. You’re young and trying to get into programing, you probably want a graphical interface for your program. I’m going to echo other posters here and recommend you look into .NET and Visual Studio. It’s free for students like you (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/students/) and it’ll let you build nice, native Windows applications way easier that writing them in C. Programming languages are tools, and you should always pick your tool based on the job you’re doing. C is great for many things, but it’s not the way you should lea
  10. There are teams of engineers at Google whose whole job is to make what you’re trying to do here impossible. Your bot would have to make a Google Account, solving their captcha and getting through their bot detection, then successfully sign into YouTube (once again solving their captcha and evading bot detection). If you actually manage to do this, forget about subscribing to random Swedish gaming channels show it to Google and enjoy your new job working for their security/bot detection team. Given the pandemic, they’d probably even hire you for remote so you wouldn’t have to move
  11. Alright if you want something really secure I’d recommend Qubes OS. It lets you split work, browsing, etc into separate VMs. It’s basically the ultimate level of separation and a monster pain in the ass to actually use. The upside though is that the VMs where you access the internet are completely separated from the ones where you don’t. Of course you could also setup something similar with macOS + Parallels or Debian + VirtualBox, but if Qubes is just setup to do this out of the box. If you really want to prevent tracking, never use the internet. Since that’s probably not possible
  12. Usually this is done from the VPS management console. Who’d you get the server from, Linode, Digital Ocean?
  13. I think that depends on the size of the company. At any large company you often just get what they give you. Especially if there's not a support person, but rather a support department. And if you maintain your own repos, nobody wants to maintain them for multiple package managers unless there's an excellent reason to do so.
  14. Usually though the reason why a work place picks a specific distro is not because the workload is impossible on others, but so that every developer can be sure that if it works on their machine it should work on everyone's. Same reason people use docker.