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Premiere Pro / Final Cut / PC- Setup Guide?


I'm probably going to give you too much info, and maybe not the right type of info, so my apologies in advance. 


So I've just started to get back into videography filming as a hobby. My education background was in graphic design and game design (In Vancouver, I was once berated by Linus at NCIX, funny story for another time :P) and did take a fair bit of classes in film and photography. So I remember a lot of the functional tools and concepts that never really go away.


Recently managed to get my hands on a Nikon Z50, FTZ mount, and some prime lenses which I figured was a good starting point for testing the waters. So I've been shooting / filming in MP4 at 40K @ 30FPS, but also on my B camera I've been recording on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, at the same resolution and fps. Just to do my part as well, I did find a good guide on setup for a body like the Z30/50/fc. 




I've been typically using a Surface Pro 7 for my of my graphical work. But it wasn't working well for video. I managed to get my hands on a Zephyrus 15 with a Ryzen 9 5900HS / 16GB DDR4 / Nvidia 3050TI 4GB / 1TB NVMe SSD. It's okay, but I'm getting some odd performance issues especially when loading in assets. I'm curious if there is a good guide around here for setting up and optimizing a machine for Premiere Pro outside of just hardware changes. 


I've been debating getting a M1 iMac or a MacMini to maybe move back in the Apple direction, especially with moving content off my iPhone, or just wait on my upgrade from the SP7 and get a Mac Studio instead. 


Direction or thoughts would be helpful. If there is a guide around for optimizing the setup as best as possible. Most things I'm finding are more related to export optimization. 






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