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ARGB Lighting Strips Controlled by ARGB Controller For Room


Hello LTT users,
So firstly I'm just putting this thread in Peripherals because it doesn't really fit under anything else so bear with me. I just build myself a nice new PC and paid the RGB tax to make all the fans in my system ARGB as well as RGB RAM and an RGB MB. All the RBG can be seen through a nice Tempered Glass Panel and it looks really nice, but I want to take it one step further. I wanted to get those "Tik Tok" style LED light strips for the rest of my room but I wanted to be able to sync them up with my PC using the ARGB controller that came with my case. Does anyone have any suggestions for products that could potentially be controlled using my ARGB controller. If not would there be a simple solution to being able to control both the lights on my PC and room simultaneously. I haven't been able to find any ARGB lights that have a long enough distance to cover the area I need. (I've mostly just found case LED strips of no more than a few feet) I suspect a big reason for this might be power consumption right from the ARGB but with how good LED's have gotten in the past few years I'm still hopeful that the right solution is out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions or advice.

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