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Pad replacement on ASUS TUF 3080 OC

So I plan to replace my thermal pads and paste on my card, and I have a couple questions. So to preface, my card runs at around 70c max when running superposition, mem temps reached 94c. When I remove my side panel on my 570x the core drops to 66c and mem drops to 88c. This is with around 2100rpm on the fans with the panel off and 2200rpm with the panel on. I have 6 ll120s in my case at 1200rpm. So I figured id replace the paste and pads before swapping out my case and see what happens. I saw multiple reviews and on open air the card doesn't really go past 63c, and so, it being a used card im guessing the pads and paste have degraded. So I have a couple questions regarding the whole process.

  1. I am debating between Kryonaut and Syy 157 for the core not sure which to go with.

  2. What brand of pads should I get? What kind of thermal conductivity?

  3. Should I buy multiple packs of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and cut them myself? What do I need to cut them with to be precise?

  4. Should I go with a predetermined thermal pad kit for my specific card?

  5. Is it worth adding an extra thermal pad on the right side of the die on the vram modules? I read that there should be one there from factory but there isnt. I just dont want it to prevent proper contact with the GPU die as I game so ideally both vram and core temps would come down.

  6. Does this void warranty? I am finding mixed answers online and it doesn't explicitly say in their warranty terms.

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